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Two Clownfish In A Green Anemone

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Two clownfish



Okinawa, Japan



Canon camera, dual inon strobes



17 meters (55 feet at depth) during a day dive



When you dive in the same place more than once you can count on certain things being in one location for a while.  On this dive I was going to a marine sanctuary not far from where I lived.  The drive was around 10 minutes.  I would be in the water in another 10 minutes after I parked.  Twenty minutes and go, fast but efficient is the motto.  If you go too fast and you forgot something, the drive was not that long to go get it and come back.  And yes, that did happen on occasion.


I wanted to dive to the right of the channel crevice, this time.  I was noticing that I was missing out on some anemones that I was overlooking on previous dives, due to being at a shallower depth.  To my surprise there was a green anemone, closer to 60 feet (18 meters at depth).  Green anemones with clownfish are very nice pictures but are rare finds.  Getting two in the frame, with clear water, is a lot of luck.  At a deeper depth, I noticed I was seeing some images that I would not normally see.  Then coming back, you would lock your eyes on other items.


I decided that I would try to dive at this depth for a while when I went back to this dive spot.  These clownfish seemed always happy to see me.   I never wanted to burn through too much air starting a dive, so I tried to just take a couple shots of these two.  I was fortunate that this one came out as clear as it did.   Sometimes just changing a couple of meters of depth, can make the same dive spot completely different.

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