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Gray Angel Fish In West Palm Beach, FL

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Gray Angel Fish



West Palm Beach, Florida



Canon Camera, dual inon strobes



19 meters (62 feet at depth) during a drift dive



Gray Angel Fish will always come by at least once and check you out.  You just have to be looking in their direction when they come by to get the shot.  I could not tell you how many times I was looking at something else and a Gray Angel comes inches from you.  You tell yourself, that would have been a great shot!  Every photographer has an underwater story of missed opportunities.  These are sometimes, mistakes with the camera, or just a lack of awareness.  No matter, you learn and dive again.


Gray Angel fish love to sneak up on you.  In this photo I was aware of this one in the rocks and he was not sneaking up on me.  This Gray Angel was hiding from the current next to a small ledge.  I was able to stay with the current and take this shot as I drifted by.   I like this image because there is some background with the rock but you have the black too to help emphasize the fish.  Almost all ocean life looks like they are floating slowly in the water.   You realize how fast they can move or how fast they are moving, when you try to keep up with them.  Take what you can get and move on.


I tried to swim or catch up with sea life before and I just wasted a lot of air.  You have to take what the ocean gives you.  Nothing more will come if you try to force it.  Some dives you will have everything and others you will just be blowing bubbles.  If you are in the right spots for the most part, there will always be something to see.


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