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Caribbean Reef Octopus In West Palm Beach, FL

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Caribbean Octopus



West Palm Beach, Florida



Canon Camera with dual inon strobes, +6 wet lens



9 meters (30 feet at depth), during a day dive



I had been back in the United States for several months and I had not done one dive.  Getting adjusted from living in Japan for almost 7 years was a transition to say the least.  I decided that I needed to get back in the water and I knew that the Blue Heron Bridge was not that far away.   I had heard that it was a great macro photography site so I was excited to get the camera back in action.  The guide decided that it was best to go to the east side of the bridge due to the tide and conditions.  I wanted to capture as many creatures as possible on camera. But I had no idea what to expect.


I had been diving in the Pacific my entire diving career.  I was surprised the Bridge resembled some of what I had captured in the Pacific.  There was a concentration of a lot different ocean life in a small area.   Seeing an octopus was a pleasant surprise.  The octopus was maybe five inches in length and was very active.  This octopus was coming in out of rocks and debris, when I put on my wet lens to get more detail of the image.


I did not have time to zoom in and I am glad I didn’t.   I was very happy with the round effect from the wet lens.  It gave the image a different perspective.  I took advantage of this little guy for about 3 minutes, moving in and out of the terrain.  Shortly then after, he was gone, and I was able to get under the bridge and explore.

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