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Pygmy Seahorse Blending In With A Sea Fan

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We offer three finishes to customize your favorite wall-ready Kidston Photography piece:

GLOSS – By far our most popular. This finish provides amazing color depth and luminosity.  Rich vibrant colors glow on this unique surface.

SEMI-GLOSS – This finish bridges the gap perfectly between Gloss and Matte. It has the same qualities in color depth as the gloss and has a touch more luminosity than the matte. This finish is less reflective than gloss which is ideal for heavily lit areas where glare can be a concern.

MATTE – This can be a choice if reflection is a concern.  This surface provides a rich, smooth finish where colors come alive in a more subtle way than the gloss.



Pygmy Seahorse



Anilao, Philippines



Canon camera with dual inon strobes, +12 wet lens



15 meters (about 50 feet at depth) during a day dive



The Pygmy Seahorse is the smallest Seahorse in the world.  It reaches 1 inch (2.54 cm) in length.  This one was a little short of that length.  They have a tendency to look away from the camera and hide in the gorgonians (also known as sea fans).  In order to fill the picture frame with a pygmy you have to be extremely close.  It was not uncommon for me to take 20 photos and not one, was looking at the camera.  To get the shot you want, you sometimes have to spend an entire dive to seek them out.


To make the photography even more difficult, diving with these little seahorses usually takes you down to almost 30 meters (98 feet).   You don’t have much time at that depth to take many photos.  So, when I found this little guy at 50 feet with the help of my guide, I was pleasantly surprised.  I went back to this spot on another dive to just take photos of the Pygmy Seahorses and it paid off.  Patience and coming back multiple times, is best practice, when you trying to get a good shot.  Originally, I thought this image did not come out but after looking back at my trip I was pleasantly surprised.


In one sea fan you can sometimes see multiple seahorses. Sea fans themselves are living beings.   A sea fan is a collection of animals that are called polyps.  The pygmy seahorse mimics the polyp texture almost making it impossible to see.  This is done by the seahorse’s nervous system and chemical structure.  Pygmy Seahorses have been known to change color to camouflage to a new sea fan.

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