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A Green Sea Turtle With Two Divers In Apo Island, Philippines

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Green Sea Turtle with Divers



Apo Island, Philippines



Canon Camera, dual inon strobes, with wide angle lens



5 meters (16 feet at depth) during day dive



To get to the best dive locations, you have to fly a lot of miles and carry a lot of camera equipment.  So, picking where you are put your time and money has to be strategic.  The Dauin area has diving for all kinds of divers.  Apo Island is great for wide-angle for coral landscapes and turtles.  On nearby shorelines, macro photography is a great for small creatures.  So, in this area you can kill two birds with one stone.  When I first got to the resort, I wanted to plan the week and what I wanted to do.


I wanted to see what days we could get over to Apo Island and see what other days would bring with, macro photography.   When the boat was scheduled to go to Apo Island there was not very many divers on the boat and so I had plenty of room for my camera and gear.   The water was crystal clear all week at Apo Island and my guide knew I wanted to spend just a day taking photos of green sea turtles.  This special trip to this tiny island that inhabits less than 750 people, was only 35 minutes away.


The marine reserve was great to get up and close to sea turtles.  The dive guides are vigilant and monitor you for your safety.   This image was not timed and just happened, with a dive guide and diver just swimming by.  Initially I did not like the divers in the photo, but I now believe having the divers in the picture adds some depth to the image.  Sometimes when something happens that quickly, you just have to believe, maybe it was meant to be.


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