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Behind The Lens

Most of the photography that you will see is from the Pacific. The Pacific has an abundant amount of ocean life for a number of factors. The land masses in the Pacific are colliding with one another. This is called subduction. With the land masses moving into one another the underwater world is creating pockets of mini ecosystems that help create unique evolutionary ocean life.

The reality is the Pacific Ocean is getting smaller. Most of your tremors, earthquakes and tsunamis happen in the Pacific for this reason. Bali, Indonesia is a part of that diversity. It is probably my favorite place to visit with the black sand, great dive guides and the beautiful waters. Mount Agung, a volcano in the northeastern part of the island is impressive to view and the USS Liberty, a sunken ship has many underwater treasures.

Southern Australia is a fantastic location to see Sea Lions and Great White Sharks. Those photos were taken from a live aboard in the Neptune Islands.

In the Philippines, I learned how to shoot with my camera. Anilao, just two hours south of Manila is my go-to place to grow as a photographer. Dumaguete is a great place for macro photography and get up and close with green sea turtles.

I lived in Okinawa, Japan for over 6 years and diving there was special because the night diving took photography to another level. Okinawa and the surrounding islands are built on volcanic rock that has nutrients to help populate all of the reefs.

I reside now, on the other side of Earth, near the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Where I have encountered Manatees from the freshwater springs just north of Tampa, Florida.


I have also gained some friends in West Palm Beach area where I encountered Goliath, Groupers, and sharks with my wide-angle lens. While experiencing some great macrophotography with my wet lenses under the Blue Heron Bridge. The Gulf of Mexico has a warm current of water that stretches up the east coast of Florida.


What makes West Palm Beach so unique is that this area projects out further into the Atlantic than any other spot in Florida. The combination of the current from the Gulf and the positioning of this city in relation to the rest Florida makes this, a unique spot for biodiversity.


I have tried to capture and collect ocean life big and small. Through the years and hours underwater, the photography has gotten better but so has the experiences. I hope these images with their stories brings you closer to them.


Behind every image is a story.


Rob Kidston

Stories of The Ocean

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