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Side Profile Of A Tomato Clownfish

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Tomato Clownfish



Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan



Canon Camera with dual inon strobes, +7 wet lens



14 meters (46 feet in depth) during a day dive



The Kerama Islands are 20 miles off the coast of Okinawa.  They are small patch of islands that are surrounded by miles of coral reefs.  They make for great diving when there are no storms brewing in the Pacific.  Because of the chance of typhoons and limited boats going out, you typically book in advance.  Hope for the best and reschedule if the storms come.  The boat typically leaves the dock around 8 am and by mid-morning you are in the water.  On this dive, the wake was minimal and the boat ride out was smooth sailing.


I remember the water being crystal clear, with reefs surrounding you for miles.   When you are diving in an area that this so concentrated with coral it is easy to let things in the water pass you buy.  All the ocean life blends very well into the coral.  The sea anemones with clownfish in them are no exception.  I would try to hover next to the reef as much as possible so I could see the subtle differences in the rock that would show an anemone, eel or even a turtle hiding.


This anemone was well hidden in the coral, and you had to twist your body around some large rocks to get to it.  The tomato clownfish was out and about for a few pictures then would hide into the rocks.  I had to come from the other side of reef for the clownfish to feel comfortable enough to pose for any pictures.  Luckily this clownfish was right below the boat so I could go back to him at the end of the dive.

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