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Tomato Clownfish In Bubble Coral In Okinawa, Japan

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Tomato Clownfish



Okinawa, Japan



Canon Camera, with dual inon strobes, +7 wet lens



13 meters (42 feet at depth) during a day dive



The bubble tip coral around this clownfish makes the colors around the fish more vibrant.  You see clownfish in bubble tip coral for a reason.  The clownfish and the bubble tip coral work together.  The Tomato Clown is able to clean off coral from debris and algae, while the bubble tip provides protection and a sanctuary where the clownfish can thrive.  The Tomato can also fight off would be predators, that like to attack the polyps on the coral.   This Tomato Clownfish had a tolerance for my camera but would sometimes bump into it, when it felt, I was getting too close.


The Tomato Clown would sometimes bury his face into the coral and I would back away.  I would slowly work my camera back into position and then I would try to get a couple more shots.  Then back away again.  I remember even taking photos of some other clownfish in anemones to come back to this Tomato Clown.  It was on the third try I was able to take this shot.   I can remember times when I was trying to lock on a subject and I would feel something hitting my leg or my dive glove.


It would startle me, and I would I get scared, to only find out it was a clownfish reminding me, I was too close to their home.  Some clownfish will build up courage to the point they have no fear of you and will let you know they have had enough.  They are impressive in color and the anemones that surround them make for a great picture.  But there comes a time when they say enough is enough.

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