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Clownfish Making A Quick Turn In Okinawa, Japan

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Two Clownfish



Okinawa, Japan



Canon camera dual inon strobes



16 meters (52 feet at depth) during a day dive



Clownfish can be difficult to take photos because they are constantly moving.  But a lot of the time they are moving in a pattern.  You can time up that pattern to get good shots.  It takes some getting used to but after a while you see them slowing down.  Sometimes they just don’t want to come out and then you know you have to move on.  It can be hit or miss but these two gave me a shot or two, swimming in a pattern where the water was clear and warm.


Right down the street from a Japanese village I lived in, there was a marine sanctuary that was off limits to spear fisherman and fishing.  The fish were used to divers here and they would come right up to you.  There was so much to see, it was easy to pass things by.  Every time I knew we were going to have great weather I would get up at 6 am to be prepared for diving.


I would have my gear already in the car and my camera all setup.  I would get down to the marine sanctuary when the gate opened.  I wanted to be one of the first to hit the water.   You never want to be diving and you see more bubbles than fish. That means too many dives are in the water.   I always knew if I was there very early, there would always be a chance for some great encounters.  Besides the parking lot would be packed, by noon and you could not get a parking spot.  I liked getting my second dive in by noon so I could get home and sleep. I had to be ready for night diving that evening.


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