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Juvenile Cuttlefish Showing Off Some Color

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Juvenile Cuttlefish



Okinawa, Japan



Canon camera, dual inon strobes, +6 wet lens



6 meters (20 feet at depth) during day dive



There are dives when the visibility is not that great, and you cannot find a lot to take photos of.  Then you find something rare, and it makes the dive worth it.  This was one of those dives. I was diving for about 30 minutes with low visibility.  The water was all churned up from storms.  Rainwater off the island had made the water murky.  Taking photos from a distance was not an option.  I had to find a macro shot to close down the working distance from the camera to the subject.


I decided I wanted to take another route than I normally do, and I noticed something hovering over a piece of hard coral.  As I got close, I noticed this was a juvenile cuttlefish.   This tiny cuttlefish was perfect for these conditions.  This cuttlefish was about 4 inches long and felt secure on top, of this one piece of coral.  This was the first and last juvenile I had ever seen.  I have seen newborns and full-sized adults, but I never saw a juvenile.  You could tell the cuttlefish was nervous and did not know what to make of me.


Once he saw I was not a threat and just wanted to take pictures, he let down his guard and I was able to spend about 40 minutes with him.  He had great color and was very healthy.  I tried to get him to hover higher off the coral so I could get a black background with just water surrounding him.  He was very photogenic.  That was the only subject I saw that dive.  A one of a kind, that I never saw again.

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