Green Sea Turtles, Dumaguete Philippines


Green Sea Turtles


Apo Island, Dumaguete, Philippines


Canon camera, with dual inon strobes, wide angle lens


7 meters (23 feet at depth) during a day dive

I really wanted to get in some specific dives with green sea turtles.  I was at Apo Island earlier in the week and I only saw one or two.  I felt I could do better so I wanted to plan a shallow dive, just for green sea turtles.  The boat was all set up two days later.  It was just a 30-minute boat ride and the seas were flat.  The boat had plenty of room with only a few passengers.  Once we anchored, inhabitants from the island would come by in tiny boats and try to sell me t-shirts or scarfs.  I didn’t mind.  They were good quality and everyone was very nice.  Once we got our gear set up, we jumped in and they handed me my camera.  We decided to circle the shallow part of the reef in a clockwise fashion.  I didn’t want to miss a turtle so I made sure my dive guide pointed all of them out to me.   As we came around closer to the boat as we finished the dive, there were turtles everywhere. At one point I had 6 turtles swimming around me. The guide just laughed because they were just everywhere.  Huge green sea turtles in soft coral for miles.  I would lock on a turtle to get the best photo possible and then I would be startled by another huge turtle swimming right by my head. This turtle in this photo just glided past me.  After he made his inspection of my camera, we ascended to the boat to head back and gear up for the night.  The shallow dives paid off with moments and photos that met my expectations.   

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