Blue-Ringed Octopus, Anilao Philippines

Blue-Ringed Octopus


Anilao, Philippines


Canon Camera with dual in on strobes with red light, +6 wet lens


20 meters (60 feet at depth) during a night dive

Anilao is two and half hours south of Manila. You know you are close to water when you start twisting and turning thru the windy roads. The resorts are literally on cliffs so you are right on the water. The diving is great because the area is protected from a lot of the elements. It has pockets of current that bring in nutrients and sun, that help establish high amounts of biodiversity. The colors of the reef and the ocean dwelling animals are full of rich complexions. Making it a must dive spot for any photographer. I remember this photo very well because this was the last dive of a ten-day trip. Some dives early on in the trip were hit or miss but as the week went on, the diving got better. A lot of divers were tired and justifiably so. We were diving 4 dives a day for over a week straight. Even with staff helping us on the boats, gear and food, it was a full-time job to get setup and dive. It never felt like a job because everyone that was there loved what they were doing. But nonetheless,I was the only one that opted for the night dive on the last day. My dive guide was extremely patient with me. He had some intel that suggested we try an area, where they had spotted a blue ring, just a day prior. The tip paid off and with the skill of my guide finding this beautiful cephalopod, I was able to spent 40 minutes at 60 feet with this blue ring octopus. This octopus displayed great colors the entire time, capping off a great trip.

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