Grouper with a Cleaner Shrimp


Grouper with a Cleaner Shrimp



Bali, Indonesia



Canon with dual inon strobes



12 meters (39 feet at depth) during a day dive

In Bali, you will look down the beach and see miles of black sand and river rocks.  Even though the beach looks the same, underwater the landscapes change dramatically.   You could be on huge boat reef in once section of beach and another a cleaning station.  A cleaning station is where fish go to get parasites off them.  There are shrimps and little fish that pick off the parasites from larger fish.  This gives them the food they need, while the larger fish have cleaner, healthier skin.  The fish will stop swimming and rest near rocks for shrimps and little fish to hop on and peck off parasites.  This red grouper would stretch out his gills so the shrimps could get in all, the “hard to reach” spots.  While the grouper was stretching out his mouth and gills, he was keeping his eyes on me.  I suppose he wanted to see what I was up to.  Most of the fish at the cleaning station didn’t seem to mind me taking photos of them.  They were more concerned with what they were doing there.  I stayed with this grouper for an hour to get an opportunity for him to open his mouth.  I didn’t know he was going to open his mouth, I just felt like something was going to happen.   It was almost like the grouper and shrimp knew they were going to do something cool for the camera.  They did not disappoint.  My dive guide was very patient with me and waited.  The guides in Bali are amazing and have the best vision, to pick out the best potential images.  Every time I go to Bali, we always go to the cleaning station. 

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