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Sexy Shrimp, Okinawa Japan

kidstonphotography Macro photography is producing images larger than they are, at life size. To get an image that is only a couple centimeters in length to come life, in a photo, is fulfilling.  The Squat or Sexy Shrimp as used by their common names can be tough to photograph because of their small size and movement.   To truly get the detail of the image the shrimp has to cooperate by not moving at all and you have to get inches from the subject.  I have seen collections of them on one anemone, in other parts of the pacific.  I have also seen some of them so small you can hardly get them in focus.  It was one of those dives where I was having a hard time seeing anything good.  I had to remind myself to slow down.  Swim slower and relax your mind.  You have to slow down physically and mentally when you are looking for very small animals to take photos of.  I would say this sexy shrimp was on the larger size.  It was almost ½ inch (1 cm).   Getting really tack sharp images of small animals is tough but when they come out it, it feels great.  The shrimp was in a bubble coral.  Bubble coral though very soft during the day when fully extended, will retract at night into the hard bone of the coral.  The bubble texture is soft like a balloon but has tenacles at night that come out that can sting predators.  The sexy shrimp helps keep the bubble coral clean while the coral provides protection to the shrimp.  This symbiotic relationship is common with clownfish, anemones, crabs and other shrimps alike. 


Sexy Shrimp



Okinawa, Japan



Canon Camera with dual inon strobes, +6 wet lens



11 meters (36 feet at depth) during a day dive


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