Japanese Reef Squid, Okinawa Japan


Japanese Reef Squid


Okinawa, Japan


Canon Camera with dual inon strobes


10 meters (32 feet at depth) during a night dive

It was the end of a long night dive.   Japanese fishermen were on the shore sitting up on the rocks with their huge fishing poles.  They were trying to catch what the deep water brings to the shallows at night.  The sky was black as night and I was ready to swim back after a good night dive.   Then my dive buddy started waving his dive light towards me, he saw something good.  Our cameras were running low on battery but I knew it had to be something different, something rare.  I turned off my camera to save battery life.  When I followed him, I saw a large Japanese Reef Squid darting around.  I knew as soon as I saw it, it was a squid we have never encountered before.  This Japanese Reef Squid was almost three feet long.  I knew from previous experience that squid respond to white light much better than red light.  Reef squid stop for white light and will take off when they see red light.  This is completely the opposite of everything else you see during a night dive.  The white light managed to keep the squid’s curiosity and I was able to get a couple of shots while he changed color.   As my dive buddy stayed in the same location, I followed the squid.  The depth was shallow but my air was running low and the squid was moving away from shore.  I kept up with him to get this shot but I knew I was much further out, than I wanted to go.  I was out by myself in the black water.  I slowly ascended and followed the lights from the city back to shore.

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