Green Sea Turtle, Dumaguete Philippines


Green Sea Turtle


Dumaguete, Philippines


Canon Camera with Focus light


22 meters (72 feet at depth) during a day dive

The boat was docked along a huge wall of coral.  The dive really had no expectations.  Just take what nature gives you.  You would love to see a green turtle up close but you never know when that opportunity will come.  On this dive, you could see cuttlefish, schools of squid and even bubbles coming up from the substrate.  The sand was warm from volcanic activity deep in the ocean floor.   Then in the distance I could see a turtle laying in the sand.   I slowly approached him. I did not see any movement.  I wanted to get closer but was worried I would scare him off and then I would get no photos at all.  I would get closer and then finally I was able to get right next to him on the bottom of the ocean.  A lot of dive guides in the area thought he was about to pass away.   He had a lot of sand on him and was not moving at all. The boats were starting to move above us and the engines started to kick on, this sparked the turtle to raise his head.  At this moment I was able to get my focus light to shine down on his head and I was able to get my camera as close as I could with hitting him.  I did not want to invade his space but wanted to get a picture of his eye before I had to go.  Getting up close to them to see into their eyes is something you never forget.   Shortly after he put his head down and I had to go.  The encounter had to end but the moment stays with you. 

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