Bobtail Squid, Okinawa Japan


Bobtail Squid


Okinawa, Japan


Canon Camera dual inon strobes with red light, +23 wet lens


12 meters (40 feet at depth) during a night dive

When I would be diving in Okinawa, seeing a large blue bobtail was very exciting. But you don’t see too many larger sized orange Bobtail Squids.  I mean this one was bigger than a dime (an American ten cent coin)!  So, when this one was spotted it was very exciting.  You want to be ready and take a couple of fast shots with bobtails because you never know when they will bury themselves in the sand.  The shell in the front of this beauty was on accident but was a nice touch as an accent piece.  I didn’t even notice the shell until I was on the computer a couple weeks later looking at images.  Seeing the pieces of sand at magnification, shows how small these guys really are.  On night dives you really don’t go that deep so you can be out in the water for 2 hours plus.  Even with a wetsuit you can get cold for that long period of time.  I remember this image was right before I was going to turn around and head back so I had to keep looking at my gauges so I didn’t run out of air.  I remember a photographer telling me once, you don’t need to take a lot of shots but you just need that one.  I also remember an underwater photographer telling me, if you think you have a good shot, take two more.  On all dives you have be conscience of how much air you have left.  When you are in the zone taking photos of something really rare, time and space seem to slow down.  Before you know it, you have been on a subject for 20 minutes and you don’t even realize it. 

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